The Bad Hire: A Financial Abyss Disguised as a Resume (and How to Avoid It)

We’ve all heard the saying “time is money.” But did you know a bad hire can cost you far more than a few extra hours at the office? Indeed, hiring the wrong candidate can have a significant financial impact on your business.

According to a CareerBuilder study: [], the average cost of a bad hire is a staggering $17,000 USD. However, this number doesn’t capture the full picture. Other sources, like Northwestern University: [], estimate the cost can reach up to 30% of the bad employee’s annual salary.

So, what explains these figures? A bad hire creates hidden costs that quickly stack up:

  • Direct Costs: Time and resources spent recruiting (job postings, agency fees, etc.), initial training for the new employee, salary paid during an unsuccessful probationary period.
  • Indirect Costs: Team productivity loss due to the unfilled role, lowered morale among colleagues working with a non-performing member, negative impact on customer service if the employee can’t deliver, additional costs associated with finding a new candidate.

Beyond the financial toll, a bad hire can also damage your company’s reputation and work culture.

Thankfully, there are solutions to avoid these costly scenarios!

TestoHire is a skills assessment platform that helps you hire smart and identify top talent from the outset. By offering customizable skills tests and an automated scoring system, TestoHire enables you to:

  • Objectively assess candidate skills based on your specific needs.
  • Save time by quickly eliminating unqualified applicants.
  • Make informed hiring decisions based on concrete data, not subjective impressions.
  • Reduce the risk of bad hires and their associated costs.

Investing in TestoHire is an investment in your company’s success!

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