Key Software supports change process in Tunisia using high-techs

Our mission

Key Software is a Tunisian startup whose main objective is to foster digital transformation and to use new technologies to provide better services by developing and delivering advanced software solutions.

Key software creating new work opportunities in Tunisia

Thanks to the know-how and experiences of our team and our international partners, we provide adequate solutions to solve your problems and optimize your processes, whether you are an individual, SME, large company or public administration.

Key Software's know-how with partners

Our solutions are multidisciplinary, whether you work in healthcare, banking, insurance, industry or any other field; we can adapt our softwares to meet your needs and guarantee great results.

The company Key Software, as its name suggests, was created with the idea of being the key which makes it possible to solve all the practical problems of daily life using advanced technologies.

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May The Key Be With You!

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We are special!

Our partners

Through its experience and that of its internationally renowned partners operating in the various technological sectors, Key Software guarantees a very high quality of its technological solutions.

Our collaborators

Our staff is our true wealth. His well being is our priority.

Our network

We have good reports nationally and internationally, which allows us to be present in every market.


A satisfied customer is our motto. Exceeding customer expectations is a habit at Key Software.

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Digitize everything! Public administrations, companies, banks, individuals ... And of course all the existing paper. The goal is to reach a 0 paper world !!

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We believe that it is the information that must move to the user and not the opposite, and be presented in an ergonomic interface on the most used devices and therefore the notebook, but especially the smartphones.

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We cannot talk about digitalization and mobility without talking about IT security. Information must be stored and exchanged with maximum security, confidentiality and integrity.



Key Software is a Tunisian startup having as main objective the radical change of the Tunisian reality. Indeed, through the experiences acquired by its staff and by relying on its partners of international renown, Key Software puts the power of IT technologies at the service of different public and private entities in order to improve Tunisian daily life in a first step and then make Tunisia an international center of excellence that exports its know-how and guides other countries to a world where everything is done with a click.

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    A set of web platform and mobile applications, designed to help healthcare establishments in quality management, provides the quality manager and authorized personnel with a complete collection of modules to simplify and centralize activities related to quality management while being compliant with accreditations.
    It is an integrated documentary system dedicated to the intelligent management of documents throughout their life cycle (archiving & preservation).
    DOCWAY® complies with the OAIS (Open Archival Information System) reference model and ISO 15489 ( Document Management Standard).
    • It provides storage based on the organization’s classification.
    • Full integration of incoming, outgoing and internal mail (physical, e-mail and PEC).
    • Atomic and / or group access rights ensuring maximum confidentiality and security thanks to an Access Control List (ACL).
    • DOCWAY® is equipped with an advanced search (via metadata) and a full-text search (content indexing).
    • History and full traceability.
    • Business Process Manager (BPM) equipped with a graphical interface and can be integrated with most systems through interfaces and connectors (web services).

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Tunis, Tunisia

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